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A Valentine love story This story is real everyone know how Aro found Sulpicia but no one know how the love relation between them …… so here how it goes in her own words.

After he take me out of the harem, Aro bring me back in his very large Castle at Volterra Italy, where he Live with two historical brother Caius, Marcus and his sister Didyme. Of course Aro was well on the intention of transforming me into a vampire so i could spend the rest of my existence to his side.
My transformation lasted three days and hes staying at my side until I reopen my perfect red eyes. immediately after he took me hunting in the beautiful city of Venice. He has taught me to hunt and we spend the rest of the night walking through the streets and we talk about all and nothing.
Aro is not the kind of vampire to express emotions but he knows how to make me happy and it has since 3000 years and more. Aro Made me build a wonderful thing as a theater room for a giant wardrobe and all my clothes my jewels, and when he left for a mission he sends me nice gifts
It’s his way of telling me he loves me.
Just to be with him is my gift i could not find a better husband than him
Il mio Amore happy Valentine day


Perched on a low branch directly above the girl Ive been watching for hours. I remove the cellphone from my pocket, shutting it off; Jane calls when I disappear like this. The girl; Emma sighs, lying on the wooden bench, staring at the lake, a hand draped over the side.
      The sudden appearance of pink decorations and valentines hearts seems to be having another negative effect on her. Instead of raging against her doctors and orderlies, she regularly slips past them to this spot, falling asleep here. Tonight she is awake, after losing control and tearing every pink and red ribbon from the walls and windows inside. They held her down and sedated her for the third time, but still she has escaped them and here she lies, eyes glazed over; If only I knew what she was thinking!
       Making my decision, I loosen my grip on the branch; letting myself drop from the tree silently, directly behind her. I lie in the grass, staring at the stars, speaking just loud enough for her to hear the words in a whisper. “Why do you come here every night?” She stirs, not frightened by my re-appearance, only speaking softly, her speech slurred from the drugs running through her system, the scent of them mixed unpleasantly with the delicious scent of her blood. “I hate Valentine’s Day; And why do you care? You just like to laugh when I kick the nurses.” I shrug. “I don’t know… This change in you is different and I want to know why.”
        Emma says nothing for a moment, then picks up a rock, throwing it in the direction of my voice.”Go away.” I catch it, crushing it into dust. She’s sitting up now, looking in my direction, unable to see exactly where I am in the dark. “You’re making things worse. they think I’ve made up an imaginary friend.” I smile. “How do you know I’m not?” Silence again. I chuckle. “If you aren’t..then prove it. Get me out of here.” I laugh again “No. Your fights with the others here are entertaining…” I stop, distracted by the scent of another human getting closer. A nurses aid. Instantly I move deeper into the shadows. She hears him coming too and tenses. Our chat is interrupted as he stops in front of her. “There you are. You know I asked for a night shift so I could catch you slipping out.”
       I continue watching; curious. I had never paid much attention to this one. Emma glares at him, balling up her fists as if ready to hit him. “Get away from me!” The man steps closer, eying her in a way that is clearly making her uncomfortable. “Who were you talking to just now?” Emma shakes her head, getting off the bench and backing away from him, closer to where I am hidden. “Nobody.” The man looks back toward the building, then grabs both her wrists, forcing her into the tree-line, a hand over her mouth to stop her scream from waking the others. I hiss; suddenly and unexpectedly angry. He laughs a little, restraining her easily.
     I step out of the shadows, the moonlight hitting my skin making it ghostly white as I lower my hood. Teeth bared, warping the scene around me with my gift. The man freezes as soon as his senses are taken from him. Emma gasps, shock mingled with the fear in her expression. I reach for the orderly, my fingers locked around the back of his neck and pull him backward, freeing her instantly and sinking my teeth into him. He does not scream, unable to feel a thing. He is dead in seconds, the blood gone from him. Reeling from the kill, I fling the corpse into the water and step toward the girl.She backs away, her hands raised slightly soundlessly begging “No!”
     I rush at her, gently taking her wrist and sinking my teeth into the flesh. Delicious. I bite her again, moving the shirt away from the collarbone. “You’re mine now, Emma..forever” I let her go, her screaming is waking the others. More humans are coming for her. I move back into the shadows as two of them surround her, two syringes raised, trying to sedate her. The venom will burn through it quickly. I watch as she is taken away.
     I mean to destroy this place. Caius sent me to empty this building after he bought the property. Athenodra loves the lake that surrounds it, This place is his gift to her. I chose one from the many humans inside, In three days she will have her fill of them and I will join her. It will all be explained away by her going insane. Nobody will seek to re-open this place and And Emma’s Valentines day will be much more memorable.


Alec sits at a roll top desk, his face loose no expression. His nimble fingers reach into a drawer pulling out parchment, small thimble and a quail feather. Dipping the feather into ink, lighting touching the tip to the paper, he begins to write.
‘Ode to my Yo Yo’
Oh, Yo Yo
You are my sun, on cold days.
My moonlight, on dark nights.
My only plaything.
Where for art thou yo-yo?
Leaning back in his chair, the constant annoyance of shoes draws his attention to the doorway. Turning in the chair to catch a glance out the door. Only to have his surprise that Jane stops, popping colorful gum. And odd occurrence for one such as her, but Maybe its nostalgia. Her wicked smile pulls his own out, the corners of his mouth turn up slightly.
Oh brother I think I found something of yours.” slipping her fingers into the pockets of her cloak she pulls out a black with a red heart jeweled Yo Yo slipping the loop on her finger and letting it walk along the floor. Alec’s eyes narrow, at the offending object crumbling the paper tossing it at Jane, His laugh is full and joyful for a moment when it hits her square in the forehead.

Happy Valentines day!!

Chelsea’s POV.

I was born somewhere in Campiana. Aro brought me to the castle and turned me in to a vampire. I thought vampires doesn’t exist but actually they do. Now, I’m a part of a coven called The Volturi. I have a special ability.
I can read the ties of people, like what Marcus can do. But the differences between me and him is I can also influence those ties. I can make people turn away from others and also strengthen the bond of one person to another.
One day, Aro brought a new vampire to the castle. He brought a male vampire. His name is Afton. Afton Volturi. The first time I saw him, I literally fell in love with him.
We weren’t close at first, we barely talk too. Knowing that I am able to create a bond, I decided to make a fake bond between us. After I used my gift on him, Afton began to talk to me. Every day.
I could tell that he was flirting by the way he talked to me. He asked me to feed and walk around the castle together. He would spend the rest of his days with me. I was enjoying this relationship until one day I realized all of this was fake.
I created all of this. But, something unexpected happened. I was reading a book in the library and Heidi came to me.
“Chels, I’ve got something important to tell you.” She said and she was kinda whispering.
I raised my eyebrows and asked her “What is it?”
She smirked and answered my question “It’s Afton. I believe the two of you are gonna be together sooner or later. I heard he really really likes you. He loves you, Chels. Better keep him forever.” She giggled.
I was thinking what if Afton asked me to be his soulmate? That would be really great. Wonderful. But it would be a fake relationship. I don’t wanna have a fake relationship forever. So the next day after Heidi told me about Afton, I broke the bond between me and Afton.
I know that after breaking this bond, me and Afton will never ever be the same again. But, I’d rather be alone than in a fake relationship. I was right. A few days passed, me and Afton barely talk.  We almost never talk and I bet everybody could see it.
Then came the special day. It was Febuary 14th. Valentine’s Day. I always wanted to have someone special to be ask me to be their valentine. I was walking around the garden in the castle, looking and staring at the beautiful flowers and all of a sudden I heard footsteps.
I turned around and saw Afton. Standing there, in front of me. Afton Volturi. He was staring at me. He was beautiful and I love him.
Afton smiled at me and asked “What are you doing, Chelsea?”
I returned the smile and shook my head “Nothing. Just admiring the lovely flowers. They’re beautiful, aren’t they?” I asked.
He rolled his eyes and touched my cheek “Very beautiful. Beyond beautiful” He said while looking into my eyes.
I was confused. I broke the bond but what is going on? He wasn’t supposed to act like that to me. I could’ve blushed.
I looked away “Ha-ha. You’re hilarious, Afton.” I said.
He scoffed “Chelsea, I wasn’t kidding.” He said.
I was shocked, of course. He suddenly pressed his lips against mine and kissed it softly. He pulled away and said “Chelsea Volturi, be my valentine?”
I literally gasped. I was speechless. I didn’t know what was going on but now I know I need to tell him about what I did to him. The truth about the fake bond. Before I could explain anything, he pulled out a black box and gave it to me.
There was a lovely necklace inside the black box. “And also, be my soulmate? I would like to spend the rest of my life with you. Forever.” He said.
I shrugged “Afton, I don’t know about this but I need to tell you something.” I said and continued “Promise me, you won’t hate me after I tell you?”
Afton was frowning but he nodded.
“I was manipulating our relationship. What happened earlier, between us it was fake. I have the ability to strengthen or destroy a bond between two person or more.” I paused, thinking if I should tell him my feelings.
He was expecting for more, so I decided to tell him what I feel.
“I love you, Afton. Since the first time I saw you, but we barely talk and everything so I decided to use my gift on us. But then I realized everything was fake, so I broke the bond. But now, you’re asking me to be your soulmate, your valentine and I think I don’t deserve that.” I explained.
Instead of walking away, Afton kissed me again. “What you did, it was in the past. And I couldn’t believe you did that. But you’re lucky because I love you too, Chelsea. I am disappointed because of what you did, but whatever.So, can I get a yes from you?” He asked.
I literally nodded and smiled wide at him “Yes!”
He hugged me tightly and kissed my lips passionately.


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