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Aro and Carlisle (How to Tweet a story example)

Posted in How To with tags , , , , on February 19, 2010 by Edward CullenRpg

Utilizing Twitter as an role-play tool is an Art Form all of its own.  We don’t expect you to jump in already an “expert” but there is a reasonable expectation to your progressing past, “Hi, how are you. I am fine. what are you doing?” Those are salutations not story telling. Twilight Saga has provided us a rich and varied world in which to carry on the story. The following is an example of how a few people tweeting together with nothing other than the goal to reach a certain destination weaved this narrative:

857am(Narrator) There is a blizzard sweeping the Pacific Northwest..a lone shiny black limo traveling too fast down Hwy 101, the occupants heading for the sleepy town of Forks, WA. Renée Dwyer, rests comfortably inside her room in the Cullen’s home. She is still somewhat confused by her ordeal in Florida. Little does she know who is coming to pay her a visit…We now return to our story still in progress….

906am Alec: *still blaring music inside of the limo ignoring Carlisle and Aro’s dull conversation
906am Carlisle2Aro *still engrossed in all the data shared* Aro this could change our whole world…*trails off in thought*
908am Aro2Carlisle I hope not…think of the humans reaction to changes like this…
916am Carlisle 2Aro..I hate to think the worst of our kind but after the Wars of the South. I can’t help but wonder why? What was Joham’s final goal?
919am Alice *shirts blur and become Carlisle jumping out of his car –changes into Aro and Carlise heading toward Forks w/other guards
920am Aro2Carlisle..From the looks of it..he abandoned the female hybrids and favored the a venomous army of half breeds.
935am Carlisle 2 Aro *shakes head and closes the book gazing far away not seeing the blizzard outside the windows*
938am Aro 2Carlisle…*chuckles at the thought* A very poorly planned small trip can wipe any army he tried to create,..nevertheless. Something should be done to make it clear that this is not allowed to happen.. perhaps a change to our laws
943am Carlise2Aro *snapping back to the present time* Did you ever find Joham?
947am Aro2Carlisle..*shakes his head* No …my trip to the amazon was cut short once I found the hybrid..another off spring of his..
949am Carlise2Aro *says out loud to no one in particularly, “What was his reasoning? Clearly he was doing it for a reason, leaving that many women alive.
9:50 Sully.. aro/carlisle..*listening intently to the conversation
1006am Cully Carlisle…Dear friend..we need to find him first and ask him the reasons why- he created all of them
1008am Carlise2Sully *turns to Sulpicia* Yes, why. I know he’s an “incubus” but ..what was he trying to achieve. if it was just science? ….no.
1014am Sully2Carlisle I’m sure it was not just science..but I don’t know I want answers too Carlisle.
1014am Aro2sully/carl..I highly doubt it was for anything but his own foolish schemes
1016am Carlisle2Aro …foolish schemes..did he have a master? could he be working for one like Benito? that area is so war torn…
1020am Aro2Carlisle *frowns* Master or no..he is responsible for all of these creations and will need to be dealt with soon.
1036am Carlise2Aro *rubs hand over face, old human jester to clear away bad thoughts* What benefit would a hybrid be? Daywalkers?
1038am Zafrina carl. *mutters under her breath to Carlisle’s comment Arjuin can not, his skin shines”
1048 am Carlise2Zafrina *hears her muttering and answers* But Nessie not so much, she would easily fit in, it could be in the genetics, her mother
1049am Carlisle 2 Zafrina is very fair skinned. It could make all the difference. “absently reaches for Aro’s hand sharing thoughts as if he was still part of the Volturi.
(hundreds of scenarios, possible out comes all with potentials of “unhappy endings*
1052am Zafrina2carl .*I am glad Arguin shines, the world would crush him. looks away, sitting back in her seat
1105am Aro *glares at zafrina for a moment before returning to his own thoughts going over what he had seen from carlisle
1109am Carlisle 2 Aro *tuning out the chaos in the car, focusing entirely on Aro watching as he assimilates the information seeing his eyes shine.
1118am Aro..*takes Sulpicia by the hand to calm her, while glancing at Carlisle I would like to see how your renesmee looks in the sun..
1120 am Aro .carl..It is clear that the male and female hybrid have their small difference…the venom and strength for example..
1120am ARo carl..I wonder what others will be able to uncover with a little more observation
1130am Carlisle 2Aro Old friend its times like this, with “real” threats that the Volturi are thankful in place to “correct’ *leans back
1135am Aro.carl..*smirks at his comment* My dear Carlisle I always have justification for ..every…Correction I make.
1142am Carlisle 2Aro *steeples fingers* Ah we shall be there soon now. (ignoring Aro’s returned gloat)
1150am Sully2carl..Great I can’t wait to see your lovely family again dear friend.
1159am Zafrina *laughs at Scully almost grabbing Carlisle before righting her self glaring at me..I waggle my fingers lightly*
1209pm Carlisle 2 Sully Looks over at Scully waving wildly at some unknown target..frowning looking at Aro
1218pm Aro Zafrina *nods briefly* Thank you…*glances at Carlisle* Has your family organized more than just themselves for our arrival?
1220pm Carlisle 2Aro We don’t control the pack. They don’t trust us either. They are always on alert *sigh* This does not need to be hostile.
1223pm Aro  2 Carlisle I agree…Our visit will be brief…I can assure you.
1249pm Carlisle 2Aro I hope my “children” are a bit better behaved “looking over the occupants of the limo” Uh Aro. Your eyes? do you have a plan?
1250pm Zafrina *smiles at Carlisle’s comment //as he looks at our eyes they’re all humanly normal greens, browns and blues.
1252pm Alec: *Laughs at his comment and takes out the extra shades he brought..knowing Aro would have “accidentally” forgotten them
131pm Aro *with a hint of annoyance in his voice* Carlisle…you did not tell us you were entertaining guests..
137pm Carlisle 2 Edward Son, calm down these are out guests. Aro the Denali have a summer home here in the area.
157pm Carlisle 2 ,Esme. Esme, my dear, I have returned as promised *goes to your side for a quick embrace*

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