POV: Origins-Jane

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Here’s an excerpt from Jane of the Volturi, origin story:


In a quick decision I concentrated on the buck and whispered softly, a quote I had learned in one of our many books. Immediately the buck quit running and fell to the ground, thrashing and making horrible sounds of pain. The man walked over to the buck and grabbed its head in his hands, turning slightly so that its neck broke. It looked effortless, but I knew that it took great strength to pull that off. He looked into my eyes and seemed…curious. The man snatched my hand and immediately closed his eyes, opening them with a sickening smile. “Very interesting.” he said, right before he snagged Alec’s hand and had an equally wicked smile.
“I shall keep an eye on both of you. Until we meet again, be safe.”

With those words He was gone, only a slight breeze was left in his wake. Alec turned to look at me and I just shrugged. I had never seen him before in my life, and I doubted I will ever see him again. But I was wrong. The very next day, people were talking and staring at us. I could hear their hush whispers and see their evil glares. As we headed up the stairway to our home, our father grabbed Alec and my mother caught me. We were blindfolded and gagged, I caught the scent of something strong then,  suddenly everything went dark. I woke up to hearing Alec screaming “JANE!!” I tried to clear my head and look to see what the matter was, but it was so hot. I couldn’t move and I felt exhausted.

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Evolution of an Emo (jerk)

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Sulpicia (my story)

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Excerpt from Sulpicia bride of Aro of Volterra....... (accent intact)

Sulpicia of Volterra

I was born in the beautiful Kingdom of Cyprus in 356 BC as you keep track of time.

Daughter of King Cypriot and Queen Samia. My mother died after giving me birth.

In 346 BC, my uncle's Kingdom was attacked by no other than that great scourge of the middle Kingdom: Alexander the Great.

He destroyed everything in his path as he swept across the lands killing all peoples,showing little mercy. My dad send a garrison to help him.

They arrived too late. The soldiers rescued my cousin Athenodora bringing her back home with them.

Anthenodora and I where close`'like sister'

We were inseparable always together until that horrible night. Alexander's forces attacked our Kingdom.

My Father subjugated himself to him in-order to save his people. Noticing the way Alexander was looking at me, he decides to traded me to gain favor for himself.

My last through was for my cousin, I was sure I was never to see her again. I was sure I was going to die soon, or worse.

We have heard rumors in the Palace about how a Princess was little more than a slave. Alexander accept my Fathers gift.

He has me place upon a horse like a trophy parading throughout the Kingdom.

When I finally arrive at his stolen Palace, one of his men manhandle me, taking me to a room filled with a multitude or women.

My new 'slave master' guard said to sarcastically *welcome to Alexander's harem*

In that moment I wished only to die...

Sulpicia's story is continued at TwiTwitter.
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Character Blog Post: Nessie

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I was listening to music and texting Jake, when i noticed daddy in the door way of my room. I turned off the music and put away my phone, then daddy said he needed to ask me something!

So I said okay and he asks

—Do you think daddy is *grimace* “Pretty?” —-

yeah, i know i was also wondering “Why is he asking me if he is pretty?”
BUT .. i didn’t question it :]

i simply told him… “i wouldn’t say “Pretty”, how about “handsome”?

Daddy responded as he SMIRKS at mommy
—** See I’m HANDSOME not PRETTY. Thank you baby.

Thats when i knew he wanted to prove a point to mommy… OR was it when she smacked him and said “You’re a pretty man Edward, Get over it”
i couldn’t help but laugh at that point… Sometimes daddy can be a bit stubborn!!!

i whispered to mommy that yes he is very pretty, but of course he will never accept it 🙂

Soon After..

Daddy and Mommy took me on a hunt, Daddy mentioned that it will be our last Hunt before i go back to school and they head over to Dartmouth!!

The Hunt went well after we all raced there
Mommy won the race of course 🙂
after the hunt daddy told us that Kate is wishing us a Goodbye and thought we may want to Say Goodbye ourselves. and of course we did..

I had to get up off the ground because mommy tickled me *giggles*
Daddy put me on his back as we ran back to the house to say Goodbye to Kate!!
THIS TIME we beat Mommy 😛

Kate was very happy that we came to see her… we all hugged her and told her that she will be missed.

The Day turned out great although now it’s time for me to get packing 😦
I’m still not feeling 100% excited about going back to Alaska, but i know for a fact once im there i will have fun!

**nessie’s pov**

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Daddy's little monster

Spotlight Character: Zafrina of the Amazon

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Zafrina Amazon Beauty

Zafrina JungleBunny Taffy

Mate: Senna
Coven: Arjuin, Kachiri and Senna
Personality traits: Out spoken, Hyper(seeming uncivilized)
Out word appearance: Long limbs, slender, Very Tall, Long dark hair(Braided), Red eyed.
Gifts: Illusionist
I am Zafrina, an illusionist. Awesome, right? I can create illusions, such as; to blind or confuse enemies, Or to entertain. lovely butterflies to utter darkness? I usual live in the Amazon, jungle. A true Jungle girl. `Like Tarzan` I am very outspoken, I do not hold back. If it needs to be said, I say it.

My family/tribe consists of; Senna, Kachiri, and I. Sometimes we eat animals, It just is not us. Wine or water, Comparison anyone? I am trying to become a Vegetarian. I am staying around Washington for a change of pace and scenery.

TwiTwitter Happenings of Zafrina:
Zafrina started out in the jungle, with her coven. (Kachiri and Senna) One day in October a call on the satellite phone came though, Carmen. Telling her a (Maria) Newborn war was brewing in the Olympic (Cullen’s) area. She did not make it to the war grounds(outside of Forks) in time. So she was invited to stay awhile, inhabiting the forest around the Cullen’s main house. A tree to call her own. Being around the Washington area she became acquainted with the Wolves, being told she smells of nature. Some, even wanting to enjoy her company. Embry Call. Relationship with a werewolf, very uncommon. An interesting pair. No kissing, no real anything. One drop of Saliva would be a death sentence. Diet choice change also. Zafrina wanted those Golden eyes. To feel proud in her choice to abstain from Human blood. A badge to wear proudly in her eyes for all to see.
Zafrina for weeks planned a Halloween surprise for some chosen wolves.(Halloween in Budapest) Once the Embry/Zafrina was out. Maggie and Seth followed suit. (Vampire/Werewolf relations was born into a world where it wasn’t wanted.) Costumes, Song, and partying. A performance took place. Nessie, Maggie and Zaffy. disaster followed, Aro demanded things be ended. Hurt. Shame. (Embry professing his Undying Love to her) Followed her on a mission to her home land on, for the man who cause all her feelings.
Creating Illusions into dreams of a beast of a Boy. He was a mere boy, Not yet a full MAN. Creating illusions of Nessie into his head. She was creating an obsession. While doing so, Zafrina’s Mate came out of no where. Attacking her. Words meant nothing to Senna. Her fists, Emotions and stares spoke volumes. A helicopter ride to Volturi, Zafrina second ever. Senna by her side and Arjuin the Boy taken from his tribe in the dead of night. Over an obsession Zaffy induced into his Mind!
Volterra, Not a lot of Trees. Except in the country side. Fights brewed all over Arjuin. Chelsea a guard Bonded, him to Aro. Zafrina was highly amused, though Senna had become emotionally involved with him. (Sister/brother like) Ending result her bonded to him also in a non manipulated way. Senna, Arjuin and Zafrina stuck to them selves in Volterra. Once or twice having confrontation with Sulpicia (Aro’s wife) shopping trips, a hair cut. All in the hopes of getting to Nessie Cullen. The obsession implantation. The Arena was used to Train Arjuin, sometimes with Zafrina’s Knowledge others not. Aro informed Zafrina of a snag in plans, The inseparable Senna and Zaffy would be split for the trip to Washington. SO to her it was like leaving her other half behind. Hard.
Arjuin could be a handful, though to Zaf he is an amazing person. Nessie girl was taken by us from Washington. The plan to take her was destroyed. Zafrina thinking fast, when she saw the first attraction of Arjuin and Leah. She put an illusion of an Imprint into their minds. Brining a werewolf back to Volterra was easy said as done. Everyone hated the smell. For her help Aro’s builder built a Tree house near the amazon river. After everything coming out, Zaf offered her self to the volturi as a guard. Her power being a wise gift choice to Aro. Not forgiven for her Imprinting Forgery. Saving Senna and Arjuin, sending back home. To the tree house.
Becoming one with Volterra, close companions with Alec. A meaner, friendship. Friendly all the same. Arjuin begged to be with Zaf in volterra. Zafrina, feels the walls of Volturi closing in on her. She must Sit and wait her eternity out, depressed. But not alone. Only mate less.
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Spotlight Character Blog: Tia (Egypt Coven)

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Tia Egyptian Princess tells her story in her blog at  TwiTwitter here is an excerpt

(…… I believed until that hour that only this life existed.  I was wrong.  My world of “duty” was lifeless, colorless non-existence but here, in this Oasis, there were many flower vibrant colors life.   I bent down to cup the water in my palms noticing  someone across the water.  He smiled at me- a confident, careless smile- and from that moment on, I was his.

He appeared different then anyone I had ever seen. He was about the same age as I, not being much older than a boy, with midnight hair and olive-tone skin.  His eyes almost glowed crimson full of knowledge. A unnamed god. Sent to this plain to seek out mortal lives. A child like face as if  he had lived way beyond his age.  And he had, so I soon found out.
He leaned in towards me to kiss me but instead, locked his teeth into my throat ……))

Continued on the site

Tia of Egypt

Tia of Egypt

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