Golden Rules

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1. Attention Family Members: As a member of the TwiTwitter Coven you are officially an exclusive member of our coven only. This means = Your twitter account can only be following the members of this family listed on this site’s FOLLOW FRIDAY LIST tab.

2. Language: As many of us know the ever-growing fanbase that is Twilight & New Moon is quite diverse. The young and the old love a great vampire story. This Role Playing family KEEPS IT CLEAN! Well as clean as Vampires can be! There will be a few deaths, dismemberments & we do have mates afterall. With that said, please keep it as PG13 – (Soft) R rating. No Mature or X rated chat allowed on Twitter or on this Ning site. If you are offended by something someone has said or done please DM @The_Blonde_1 or email You do NOT have to be a member of the family to contact us on this topic.

3. Three Strike Policy: If you receive 3 Warnings in a 90-day period you will be put under review with the family and may be asked to leave. The admin may override a decision if they feel it is best for the family.

4. No Trolling, No Bashing, Harassing, Taunting, etc. It’s both obnoxious and rude. If you aren’t a fan of the series don’t join and don’t follow us.

5.Joining The Family: Search the AVAILABLE CHARACTER LIST. Once you find a character you want, just make a twitter account for that character. A clean & brand new Twitter account is best. The_*character* that way it’s easier to remember. If that is not possible refrain from adding a bunch of numbers, symbols, x’s, etc to it. If you were in a different coven you may be asked to change your username. Note: This will not make you lose followers.

6. User Image: Keep it PG 13 and if your character is in the movies please use the actor/actress portraying that character. You must have an image. Werewolves can not have a picture of a wolf.

7. Story Line: A page will soon be added explaining our story line, as it gets more detailed newer members and followers can refer to the page as a referance. We follow the books strictly. Remember, once a shapeshifter imprints you can not change. Vampires and shapeshifters can not tell humans they’re not human. Stick to the book and our story line. Storyline with VampBabies are not allowed! So don’t ask!

9. Members must update the Storyline at least once every week to let the family know what you are doing in your storyline. Keep in mind we stick strict to the story & there are no baby vamps or broken imprints or vows for couples but please have fun with this. We have the whole world open to our imaginations so lets have fun!!

10.NO SPAM TWEETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one whats to know what survey u just took or who’s the man ur going to marry or which gossip girl u are! That has nothing to do with our RP!

11. Create storyline idea with your GROUP then post a small version of a group idea on the STORYLINE IDEA TAB and submit a full extended version to the STORYLINE DIRECTOR. Get permission for a major storyline before starting. (FYI: Storylines with baby vampires or Wolves mating with vampires will NEVER be approved, so DO NOT ASK) If a storyline has started and if you are not happy with a storyline, have questions or feel it is not following along with the books DM Rose @The_Blonde_1 ASAP. Do not OOC directly to the family members. OOC is only to be used to notify of simple issues like OOC: Off to bed or to advertise for the family. Lets keep twitter fun for our followers.

12. Cullen family members(I.E. Alice, Emmett or Esme) must be on everyday for family tweet time into our storyline. These important characters are why most of our followers are with us. If you can not update everyday, you will be asked to pick a less active character. Thank you. Suggestions, ideas or comments are always welcome! Rose

13. If you have joined with bad intentions towards this coven, keep in mind….What goes around will come back around to bite you and it will not be pleasant for you! Think twice before trying anything against this Family. We do our best to be generous, considerate & patient with other Covens. There are plenty of followers, members & internet for us all. If we have stepped on anyones toes, please take it up with the Administrator directly to resolve the issue.

14. From Emmett: You must have IQ of at least 80.

15. New Members are approved for one week trial run at first. No member rights will apply during this trial period & can be dropped from the family without the 3 strike rule.

16. No one is allowed to MODERATE THEIR COMMENTS!!. Administration does not want or have the time to wait for you to log on again for comments they post to show up on your MYPAGE. You will be banned if you apply this option to your page.

17. This Coven is a strictly English speaking coven. Ning Chat & Twitters are to be in English for the consideration of the other players and followers. PM’s & DM can be used for other languages.

18. Drama! Lets talk about drama. In Role Playing there is enough drama for all of us. The day-to-day struggles of our RP characters are enough drama for this family. DO NOT BRING IN EXTRA IRL DRAMA!! Characters do get very personal and do enter react outside of their characters here but this family will not tolerate any DRAMA makers and you will be banned immediately for causing distress to the IRL people behind any of our characters. NO WARNINGS OR SECOND CHANCES WITH THIS RULE!

19. We Administrators do appreciate all members who help out but be warned if you tell another member that they are not “IN CHARACTER” you can be banned for this action! ADMIN takes care of these issues ONLY! If someone is not “In Character” which is making your character’s life miserable, please tell an Administrator and we will take care of the issue. DO NOT ADMIN FOR YOURSELF!
20. Anything anyone has to say to anyone in this family should be done in your Group, Chat or in a Tweet.Any behind the scene emails, IM’s or other forms of communication is restricted to just the Administration. *The only two exceptions are for the Mind Reader and/or Future Teller as their characters may need a quick heads up so they can stay In Character***** This is to keep this game going without any drama or other foolishness. **Hint**Warning, U never know who you are IRL chatting too-some people in this family do play several characters, so think twice about going to someone and starting a “He said – She said” conversation. Even long time characters are changed out from time to time. This is done seamlessly behind the scene with Administration as to not disturb the Game. So if you are one that does a lot of the “He said – She said” disruption of this game, Admin will catch you. This is and will remain a Drama free environment for the true Role Players. TwiTwitters will continue to be a safe haven from the IRL struggles. So enjoy and lets Role Play!

21. Due to the increase size of the family all the OOC’s are making it difficult to follow the storyline.
Please keep OOC’s to Online and Offline & to Welcome new family members. Twitter has a Direct message function to speak one on one with you friends. If you belong to a service that automatically posts to twitter it would be nice if you later delete those post to keep the story lines clean. Thank you, Family
22. Beware of Trolls! Trolls come in the form of overly friendly helpful members who are in fact Trolls undercover seeking member for other covens. If Admin finds a Troll among any New or Old members, U will be banned permanently from the family! No second chances! In Addition, anyone that uncovers & can prove a member is a Troll with evidence–You will be rewarded with Twilight or New Moon or Disney Swag!!

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4 Responses to “Golden Rules”

  1. Sooooooo amazing post, i love some words so much and may i quote a couple of of them on my blog? Also i have e-mailed you relating to would it be possible for us to exchange our links, hope hearing from you soon.

  2. You’re soooo talented in writing. God is really using you in miraculous ways. You are doing a great job! This was a wonderful blog!

  3. Not too certain how I found this blog but glad I did find it. Think I was seeking for something else on the search engines. Not certain I agree 100% with what you say, but have bookmaked and will pop back to read to see if you add any additional posts. Carry on the good work.

  4. This is good. I wanted pictures to add in my school project and the images you have posted are good. Thanks for them buddy! I guess teacher will love my project due to these images and of course the information I provided.

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