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Kebi Egyptian Princess POV

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Born in the late periods of the 31st dynasty, named Kebi Sabbanni. I came from a poor, but descent family who worshiped the gods. Shortly after my mother died of an unknown disease, my father was left to raise my sisters and I, by himself. I helped my father out as much as I could; He loved us all very much and always called us his little goddesses.
When it came to me he always told me I was his light that shined bright, one day I will become a great goddess. I loved my father very much but I never really believed in such fantasy tales. I never believed such tales, until weeks later. On my alone time when I wasn’t helping my father with the housework or the girls, I would escape to this beautiful place where you can see a great deal of ancient pyramids. This place always relaxed me, Finding myself lost in thoughts of how ancient gods lived. I know it must have been a great life, but one certain night I noticed I wasn’t as alone as I thought. There was this strange but beautiful god like creature staring at me he had these piecing red eyes, muscular body and young-looking face with olive skin and dark black hair, he looked at least my age or maybe two years older. He seemed ancient; he had this way about him, for a second I thought that he was a Egyptian god, which only chose to show himself to me.

He was like nothing I’ve never imagine, while in deep thought this beautiful creature moved towards me at an inhuman speed. I couldn’t make myself move or get scared for some reason. All I wanted was him to get closer to me, he stood in front of me. Staring, his piecing eyes looking at me with a hunger, want and sadness. He had this sweet smell to him, which just drew me closer without a care. I wanted closer to him, stepping forward lifting my hand to feel his skin, in that same instant he moved in closer to me.

He whispered “Amun” in my ear his voice brought chills down my back; his breath just drove me crazy. Was this my god’s name, I couldn’t help but think in the next second he lowered his head to my neck. Dragging his lips from my neck all the way to my chin and back, closing my eyes thinking this is a dream before my mind can race any longer. I felt him bite into my neck my eyes flashed open; he held me tightly in place.
Pain and burning so instant, from that point on all I remembered was just burning pain. What seemed like days were really hours, my pain became less and the burning faded until I had no more pain. I had this undesirable thirst in my throat, my Egyptian god Amun had turn me. I was this immortal that I am now a vampire; once I opened my eyes he was there stroking my hair. He told me, “You’re my goddess now!” Everything I saw, felt and smelled was different. I knew my eyes saw with a new light. What I had known before was never this clear. It felt stronger everything was more vivid, detailed. Grabbing my hand and he told me, “You need to feed, my goddess.” My mind reeling, I wasn’t sure what I was capable of or what would happen to my family. Or if my family was alive. How long had I been out?
I gripped his hand, as we took off running through the desert. Running at an immense speed, agility of a cheetah and the strike of a snake. After feeding my thirst I knew for the safety of my family that I could no longer go back. Finally, embracing my new life with this god of mine and becoming his queen. I am now a part of the Egyptian coven Amun, Tia, Benjamin And myself. My coven is my family and I hold them dear to my heart.


POV Rosalie Hale

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Rose POV story excerpt ……



*Tap. Tap. Tap goes the heels*

Hissing outward.

Watching the interaction between Bella and Edward; touching and hugging as if no one were watching.


I look good today.  Come on Rose, stop staring at the disgusting display.  It only makes you more upset.

Rolling my eyes, wondering where IS Nessie..

(Edward!) I scream in my head. (Hear me mind reader).

Finally!  He becomes aware of his surroundings reluctant to leave Bella’s embrace.


Raising an eyebrow at me, he smirks.


“She is with Jacob, Dear sister…” he says out loud, having made his proclamation, it suddenly dawns on the dork.  He looks to the clock, grumbling.


Bella looks at the clock, “Three hours!” her voice laced with surprise, and anger.  She shoves Edward away from her.

I laugh.

She turns glaring in my direction.

(Bitch Please, I dare you.) I glare at her.

Smirking, listening to Edward grumbling under his breath.

Bella is out of the door, before either of us react, Edward following after on her tail.

Tapping my red Manolo Blahnik, annoyed I fluff my hair deciding against following them.

My heels clicking echoing in the nearly silent house, a faint yet jubilant noise rises from the living room where my bear, Emmett is lounging on the couch, controller in hand.

The concentrated look etched into his boyish face, makes me grin.  As if he feels my presence he tosses the controller to the side, coming to my side instantly.

**~~**~~Romantic interlude~~**~~**
~~**~~**Undisclosed amount of time will pass**~~

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POV: Origins-Jane

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Here’s an excerpt from Jane of the Volturi, origin story:


In a quick decision I concentrated on the buck and whispered softly, a quote I had learned in one of our many books. Immediately the buck quit running and fell to the ground, thrashing and making horrible sounds of pain. The man walked over to the buck and grabbed its head in his hands, turning slightly so that its neck broke. It looked effortless, but I knew that it took great strength to pull that off. He looked into my eyes and seemed…curious. The man snatched my hand and immediately closed his eyes, opening them with a sickening smile. “Very interesting.” he said, right before he snagged Alec’s hand and had an equally wicked smile.
“I shall keep an eye on both of you. Until we meet again, be safe.”

With those words He was gone, only a slight breeze was left in his wake. Alec turned to look at me and I just shrugged. I had never seen him before in my life, and I doubted I will ever see him again. But I was wrong. The very next day, people were talking and staring at us. I could hear their hush whispers and see their evil glares. As we headed up the stairway to our home, our father grabbed Alec and my mother caught me. We were blindfolded and gagged, I caught the scent of something strong then,  suddenly everything went dark. I woke up to hearing Alec screaming “JANE!!” I tried to clear my head and look to see what the matter was, but it was so hot. I couldn’t move and I felt exhausted.

this story is continued on  twitwitter.

Sulpicia (my story)

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Excerpt from Sulpicia bride of Aro of Volterra....... (accent intact)

Sulpicia of Volterra

I was born in the beautiful Kingdom of Cyprus in 356 BC as you keep track of time.

Daughter of King Cypriot and Queen Samia. My mother died after giving me birth.

In 346 BC, my uncle's Kingdom was attacked by no other than that great scourge of the middle Kingdom: Alexander the Great.

He destroyed everything in his path as he swept across the lands killing all peoples,showing little mercy. My dad send a garrison to help him.

They arrived too late. The soldiers rescued my cousin Athenodora bringing her back home with them.

Anthenodora and I where close`'like sister'

We were inseparable always together until that horrible night. Alexander's forces attacked our Kingdom.

My Father subjugated himself to him in-order to save his people. Noticing the way Alexander was looking at me, he decides to traded me to gain favor for himself.

My last through was for my cousin, I was sure I was never to see her again. I was sure I was going to die soon, or worse.

We have heard rumors in the Palace about how a Princess was little more than a slave. Alexander accept my Fathers gift.

He has me place upon a horse like a trophy parading throughout the Kingdom.

When I finally arrive at his stolen Palace, one of his men manhandle me, taking me to a room filled with a multitude or women.

My new 'slave master' guard said to sarcastically *welcome to Alexander's harem*

In that moment I wished only to die...

Sulpicia's story is continued at TwiTwitter.
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Spotlight Character Blog: Tia (Egypt Coven)

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Tia Egyptian Princess tells her story in her blog at  TwiTwitter here is an excerpt

(…… I believed until that hour that only this life existed.  I was wrong.  My world of “duty” was lifeless, colorless non-existence but here, in this Oasis, there were many flower vibrant colors life.   I bent down to cup the water in my palms noticing  someone across the water.  He smiled at me- a confident, careless smile- and from that moment on, I was his.

He appeared different then anyone I had ever seen. He was about the same age as I, not being much older than a boy, with midnight hair and olive-tone skin.  His eyes almost glowed crimson full of knowledge. A unnamed god. Sent to this plain to seek out mortal lives. A child like face as if  he had lived way beyond his age.  And he had, so I soon found out.
He leaned in towards me to kiss me but instead, locked his teeth into my throat ……))

Continued on the site

Tia of Egypt

Tia of Egypt