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POV Rosalie Hale

Posted in Cafepress/TwiTwitter, Character POV on January 24, 2010 by Edward CullenRpg

Rose POV story excerpt ……



*Tap. Tap. Tap goes the heels*

Hissing outward.

Watching the interaction between Bella and Edward; touching and hugging as if no one were watching.


I look good today.  Come on Rose, stop staring at the disgusting display.  It only makes you more upset.

Rolling my eyes, wondering where IS Nessie..

(Edward!) I scream in my head. (Hear me mind reader).

Finally!  He becomes aware of his surroundings reluctant to leave Bella’s embrace.


Raising an eyebrow at me, he smirks.


“She is with Jacob, Dear sister…” he says out loud, having made his proclamation, it suddenly dawns on the dork.  He looks to the clock, grumbling.


Bella looks at the clock, “Three hours!” her voice laced with surprise, and anger.  She shoves Edward away from her.

I laugh.

She turns glaring in my direction.

(Bitch Please, I dare you.) I glare at her.

Smirking, listening to Edward grumbling under his breath.

Bella is out of the door, before either of us react, Edward following after on her tail.

Tapping my red Manolo Blahnik, annoyed I fluff my hair deciding against following them.

My heels clicking echoing in the nearly silent house, a faint yet jubilant noise rises from the living room where my bear, Emmett is lounging on the couch, controller in hand.

The concentrated look etched into his boyish face, makes me grin.  As if he feels my presence he tosses the controller to the side, coming to my side instantly.

**~~**~~Romantic interlude~~**~~**
~~**~~**Undisclosed amount of time will pass**~~

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TwiTwitter Cafepress store

Posted in Cafepress/TwiTwitter on January 15, 2010 by Edward CullenRpg

Evolution of an Emo (jerk)

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