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15 Responses to “Apply”

  1. i luv twilight sega and i want to be alec

    • twitwitter Says:

      We’d love to have you please make a twitter account for Alec, pick and actor and make him your user icon and let me (@the_bellacullen) know who you picked, make your link in your profile you can either post another comment with this or you can email the info to

    • Create new twitter account and comment me back with new name for your alec and i will blast ur new name to the family. Thanks Rose Welcome!!

  2. i love twilight saga and i love to be Carmen Denali!! my Gmail email is please leave a message with both emails!!

    • Great. Create a twitter account in Carmen’s name. Reply with new account name and I will announce u. Thanks Rose.

  3. Can I play Alec. I know someone is already playing him but if she quits can I be him? I am @The_AlecVolturi Thanks

  4. i adore twilight and the cullen family, may i be Carlisle?

    • Ok following you and would love to have you as our Carlisle: Please apply for your ning account.

  5. I absolutely love Twilight. Could I play Angela Webber? My email is The twitter I made for her is @MissAngieWeb (

  6. I am a huge Twilight fan and love it so much! Could I play Angela Webber? my email is

    • We have an Angela but need a Lauren? Take a look at the available character list and choose one. Make a twitter account for whom you want and Tweet a Hi to @Twi_Twit_Coven for further instructions! Thank you and hope to see you soon!

    • we have an angie how about someone else?

  7. *Name:Jaime
    *Character: Makenna
    Twitter Accout: will make one when approved
    *Reason You Want To Join & Be ___ Character: love twilight.

    • Wonderful! Create a twitter account and tweet me a Hi @Twi_Twit_Coven on twitter and you will be given next instructions!

      • ok did that Makenna_Nomad10 is my twitter account

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