Available Character List!

TwiTwitter Family List

(Pending means someone new has just said they want the character but not completed steps-may fall threw)

(Available but also has a @Twitter account attached means an experienced RPG longstanding member of TwiTwitter is willing to give up the character if a New member does well with a their new character and proves they could take on the role)

Arjuin(hybrid)——————————————————— @HybridArjuin
Huilen of Amazon ——————————————————available
Kachiri of Amazon——————————————–———available
Nahuel of Amazon (hybrid) ————————————available
Senna of Amazon ————————————— @TheSennaTT
Zafrina of Amazon ————————————————— @TheZafrinaTT

Alice Cullen ———————————————— @The_Ice_Pixie
Bella Swan-Cullen ————————————— @BookWormB3lla
Dr.Carlisle Cullen ——————available———— @DrCarlCullen
Edward Cullen ——————————————— @EdwardTCullen
Emmett Cullen ——————————————— @TheEmmCullen_TT
Esme Cullen ——————————————— @The_MommaCullen
Jasper Whitlock Hale (Cullen)—————— @MajorXanaxTT
Nessie*(Renesmee) Cullen —————————— @nessie_heart
Rosalie Lillian Hale (Cullen) ————————— @The_Blonde_1

Carmen of Denali ———————————— @Carmensasha
Eleazar of Denali———————————— available
Garrett of Denali ——————————— available
Katrina of Denali————————————— available
Tanya of Denali ————————————— @TanyaDenaliTT

Amun of Egypt ———————————– @CovenLider_Amun
Benjamin of Egypt (avatar) —————— available
Kebi of Egypt ———————————— @kebi_twisaga
Tia of Egypt ————————————— @TiaAmun

Amber (Waitress Port Ang.) ————–available
Angela Weber————–————– @twi_angie
Ben Cheney of Forks ——————— @TBenCheneyT
Charlie Swan Chief of Police Forks———- @TheCharlieSwan
Cora of Forks———————–——— @TheCoraTT
Conner ————–———————— @ConnorMerrickTT
Deputy Steve ————–—————– @Deputy_Steve
Dr. Gerandy ————–——————available
Eric Yorkie of Forks————–———available
J Jenks of Seattle———–—————available
Jessica Stanley of Forks————————————— @Jess_twisaga
John Dowling (Mechanic)—————available
Karen Newton ——————–————————— available
Rev Joe Weber—————————available———— @RevWeber
Lauren Mallory of Forks ————————————– @Twi_Lauren
Austin Marks —————–———————available
Kate Marshall ————–————————availble
Max of Seattle henchman of J Jenks————available
Mike Newton of Forks ————–——————— @mike_newton_twi
Phil Dwyer of Jacksonville————–———available
Renee Dwyer of Jacksonville ————–—————— available
Issac Weber ————–—————————available
Joshua Weber ————–————————available
Mrs. Weber ————–—————————available
Tyler Crowley of Forks————–————— @TylerCrowleyTT
Brent Warner ————–————————available
Rob Sawyer ————–—————————available
Lee Stephans ————–—————————available

High School Staff:
Bob Banner (Mr. Molina)(BiologyII)————–—available
Mr. Berty (Literature) ————–———————available
Coach Clapp (P.E) ————–————————available
Shelly Cope (Admin assistant) ————–———available
Mrs. Goff (Spanish) ————–———————available
Harld Green (Principle) ————–——————available
Mr. Jefferson (Government) ————–————available
Mr. Mason (English) ————–———————available
Mr. Varner (Trig/Math) ————–——————available

Liam of Ireland ——————————— available
Maggie of Ireland ——————————— @theirishmaggie
Siobhan of Ireland——————————— @Twi_Siobhan

Alistair Nomad —————————available
Charles Nomad ————–————available
Charlotte Nomad ————–——————— available
Joham of South America ————————available
Makenna Nomad ————————available
Mary Nomad —————————————— @vampamary
Peter Nomad —————————————– available
Randall Nomad —————–available
Fred Nomad —————————————— @FreakyFred

Billy Black- Chief of La Push —available————— @ChiefBillyBlack
Brady a Wolf ———————————————— available
Claire Young of La Push ————————————available
Collin a Wolf—————————————————  @CollinShifterTT
Emily Young of La Push ——————————— available
Embry Call a Wolf ————————————— @GrayWolfEmbry
Jacob Black a Wolf ————————————— @The_JacobBlack
Jared a Wolf ——————————–—————— @Jared_wolfy
Kim of La Push ———————————————available
Leah Clearwater a Wolf———————————— @leah_she_wolf
Paul a Wolf ———————————————— @PaulSilverWolf
Quil Ateara Wolf———————————  @the_quilwolf
Quil Ateara Sr -Chief of La Push——available
Rachel Black of La Push ———————————— @PaullovesRachel
Sam Uley Wolf ——–————–available————— @SamUtley
Sam Uley Jr ——–————–available————–——— @LilSamUley
Seth Clearwater a Wolf ———available—————— @The_SethWolf
Sue Clearwater- Chief of La Push ———————— @SueClearwaterTT
Un-named wolf # 1 ——–—Male—— @The_CalebWolf
Un-named wolf # 2 ——–—Male——available
Un-named wolf # 3 ——–—Male——available
Un-named wolf # 4——–— Male——available
Un-named wolf # 5 ——–—Male——available
Un-named wolf # 6——–— Male——available
Un-named wolf # 7 ——–—Male——available
Heath Oneida———————— @Heath_Oneida

Stefan of Romania ——–available—————– @The_Stefan
Vladimir of Romania——available—————– @The_Vladmir

Afton of Volterra——————–——————— @Afton_VoltzTT
Alec Volturi——————————————— @VoltTwinAlec
Aro Volturi—————————————–—— @VolturiLordAro
Athenodora Volturi ——————————— @Athe_Volt
Caius Volturi —————————————— @theCaiusVolt
Chelsea of Volterra ——————————— available
Corin of Volterra —————available——— @willmakeuweak
Demetri of Volterra ——————————— @demetri_volt
Felix of Volterra ————–———————— @BigVolturiFelix
Heidi of Volterra ———————————— @TheTwiTwitHeidi
Jane of Volterra ————————————— @TheJaneVolt
Marcus Volturi —————–——————— @MelancholyMarc
Maria Nomad Mexico ——————————— @themariavampa
Renata of Volterra ——————————— @ShieldRenata4
Santiago of Volterra ————available———— @VolturiAssassin
Sulpicia Volturi ———————————— @MistSlpiciaVolt
Melissa Diane ————————————– @ItsMelissaDiane
Marta of Volterra————————– @Marta Volt

Vestizsa MVP ————————- @Vestizsa_MVPTT

Story Master TT—@StoryMastertt story ideas, tips, keeping by the book
TwiTwitterNews –@TT_WW_News Twitter account tweeting News stories to be used in role-playing
TwiTwitter Coven— @twi_twit_coven–Administration

Out of Character — @OOC_TT Deals with all out of Storyline Tweets

(Red Shirt Character)— Twitter account that changes it’s name to reflect new “expendable” characters—–  @Vestizsa_MVPTT


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