POV: Origins-Jane

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Here’s an excerpt from Jane of the Volturi, origin story:


In a quick decision I concentrated on the buck and whispered softly, a quote I had learned in one of our many books. Immediately the buck quit running and fell to the ground, thrashing and making horrible sounds of pain. The man walked over to the buck and grabbed its head in his hands, turning slightly so that its neck broke. It looked effortless, but I knew that it took great strength to pull that off. He looked into my eyes and seemed…curious. The man snatched my hand and immediately closed his eyes, opening them with a sickening smile. “Very interesting.” he said, right before he snagged Alec’s hand and had an equally wicked smile.
“I shall keep an eye on both of you. Until we meet again, be safe.”

With those words He was gone, only a slight breeze was left in his wake. Alec turned to look at me and I just shrugged. I had never seen him before in my life, and I doubted I will ever see him again. But I was wrong. The very next day, people were talking and staring at us. I could hear their hush whispers and see their evil glares. As we headed up the stairway to our home, our father grabbed Alec and my mother caught me. We were blindfolded and gagged, I caught the scent of something strong then,  suddenly everything went dark. I woke up to hearing Alec screaming “JANE!!” I tried to clear my head and look to see what the matter was, but it was so hot. I couldn’t move and I felt exhausted.

this story is continued on  twitwitter.


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