Sulpicia (my story)

Excerpt from Sulpicia bride of Aro of Volterra....... (accent intact)

Sulpicia of Volterra

I was born in the beautiful Kingdom of Cyprus in 356 BC as you keep track of time.

Daughter of King Cypriot and Queen Samia. My mother died after giving me birth.

In 346 BC, my uncle's Kingdom was attacked by no other than that great scourge of the middle Kingdom: Alexander the Great.

He destroyed everything in his path as he swept across the lands killing all peoples,showing little mercy. My dad send a garrison to help him.

They arrived too late. The soldiers rescued my cousin Athenodora bringing her back home with them.

Anthenodora and I where close`'like sister'

We were inseparable always together until that horrible night. Alexander's forces attacked our Kingdom.

My Father subjugated himself to him in-order to save his people. Noticing the way Alexander was looking at me, he decides to traded me to gain favor for himself.

My last through was for my cousin, I was sure I was never to see her again. I was sure I was going to die soon, or worse.

We have heard rumors in the Palace about how a Princess was little more than a slave. Alexander accept my Fathers gift.

He has me place upon a horse like a trophy parading throughout the Kingdom.

When I finally arrive at his stolen Palace, one of his men manhandle me, taking me to a room filled with a multitude or women.

My new 'slave master' guard said to sarcastically *welcome to Alexander's harem*

In that moment I wished only to die...

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