Character Blog Post: Nessie

I was listening to music and texting Jake, when i noticed daddy in the door way of my room. I turned off the music and put away my phone, then daddy said he needed to ask me something!

So I said okay and he asks

—Do you think daddy is *grimace* “Pretty?” —-

yeah, i know i was also wondering “Why is he asking me if he is pretty?”
BUT .. i didn’t question it :]

i simply told him… “i wouldn’t say “Pretty”, how about “handsome”?

Daddy responded as he SMIRKS at mommy
—** See I’m HANDSOME not PRETTY. Thank you baby.

Thats when i knew he wanted to prove a point to mommy… OR was it when she smacked him and said “You’re a pretty man Edward, Get over it”
i couldn’t help but laugh at that point… Sometimes daddy can be a bit stubborn!!!

i whispered to mommy that yes he is very pretty, but of course he will never accept it 🙂

Soon After..

Daddy and Mommy took me on a hunt, Daddy mentioned that it will be our last Hunt before i go back to school and they head over to Dartmouth!!

The Hunt went well after we all raced there
Mommy won the race of course 🙂
after the hunt daddy told us that Kate is wishing us a Goodbye and thought we may want to Say Goodbye ourselves. and of course we did..

I had to get up off the ground because mommy tickled me *giggles*
Daddy put me on his back as we ran back to the house to say Goodbye to Kate!!
THIS TIME we beat Mommy 😛

Kate was very happy that we came to see her… we all hugged her and told her that she will be missed.

The Day turned out great although now it’s time for me to get packing 😦
I’m still not feeling 100% excited about going back to Alaska, but i know for a fact once im there i will have fun!

**nessie’s pov**

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Daddy's little monster


One Response to “Character Blog Post: Nessie”

  1. Good Job Nessie! Have fun in Alaska with your Aunt Rose and Uncle Emmett! Keep your homework up to date!

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