Spotlight Character Blog: Tia (Egypt Coven)

Tia Egyptian Princess tells her story in her blog at  TwiTwitter here is an excerpt

(…… I believed until that hour that only this life existed.  I was wrong.  My world of “duty” was lifeless, colorless non-existence but here, in this Oasis, there were many flower vibrant colors life.   I bent down to cup the water in my palms noticing  someone across the water.  He smiled at me- a confident, careless smile- and from that moment on, I was his.

He appeared different then anyone I had ever seen. He was about the same age as I, not being much older than a boy, with midnight hair and olive-tone skin.  His eyes almost glowed crimson full of knowledge. A unnamed god. Sent to this plain to seek out mortal lives. A child like face as if  he had lived way beyond his age.  And he had, so I soon found out.
He leaned in towards me to kiss me but instead, locked his teeth into my throat ……))

Continued on the site

Tia of Egypt

Tia of Egypt


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